Relaxing, revitalising, wonderful.
Garry, West Quantoxhead

Relaxing, helpful, great.
Jason, Bridgwater

Lovely, safe space, energised.
Jayne, Cannington

Calm, relaxed. refreshed.
John, Exeter 

Relaxing, calming, troubles float away.
Darren, Crediton

Soothing, calming, healing.
Anna, Taunton

Lovely, relaxing, professional.
Hannah, Langport

Lovely, relaxing, sheer bliss.
Tom, Glastonbury

Most enjoyable.  Let yourself go.  Another world.
Brian, Weston

ntuitive, understanding. deeply relaxing.
John, London

Delightful, relaxing, blissful.
Rachel, Street

elaxing, skilful, at ease.
Stephen, Taunton

Professional, sensitive to specific needs, amazing.
David, Taunton

Relaxing, escapism, intuitive.
Stuart, Almondsbury

Lovely room, great, relaxing.
Martin, Taunton 

Holistic, relaxing and friendly.
Rich, Taunton

Gentle, peace, relaxed.
Pete, Exeter

Very relaxing and very soothing for aching limbs.
Jim, London

Nice, relaxing, clean environment. 
Chris, Taunton

Professional, warm and friendly.
Eddie, Exeter

Warm. welcoming, relaxing.
Dave, Langford

Friendly, highest order, clean.
Neville, Carmarthen

Relaxing, comfortable, professional and friendly.
Mike, Taunton

Listens, ease, unrushed.
Clive, Bristol

Brilliant, relaxed. friendly. 
Mesh, Bridgwater