Treatments & Prices

Lomi Lomi Massage            
A soft flowing, rhythmic and uniquely empowering full body Hawaiian massage. Using forearms and body weight, the continuous sweeping strokes provides an intensifying and invigorated feeling.

90 mins  
Full Swedish Body Massage
A relaxing, soothing massage that is extremely therapeutic and calming. Working on different muscle areas to relieve tension. Pressure is adapted to suit client.
1 hour
90 mins        
2 hrs            
Hot Stones Massage 
Deep, relaxing, soothing and revitalising. Eases muscle tension and tightness. Smooth, basaltic, heated stones are used over the body creating a warm sensation, leaving you feeling deeply restful and healed.
1hr 40 mins    
Indian Head Massage
To relax, de-stress and stimulate your mind and body. Indian head massage on shoulders, neck, face and head. Can be seated or in lying position. Applied through clothes or directly onto skin. Can aid restful sleep.
50 mins         
Thai Foot Massage
An invigorating, relaxing and refreshing foot and lower leg massage. Using a special wooden Thai tool, organ reflex points are stimulated to enhance a wonderful balance throughout the foot.
50 mins          

All above treatments are adapted to suit your needs.


Weekdays Only 10am – 8pm (excluding Bank Holidays)
Finishing time indicate last appointment time. 
24 hours notice for bookings and cancellations would be appreciated
Cash payment only